Übersetzung von technischen Handbüchern mit 5000 Seiten in 4 Sprachen

Unser Kunde ist führend in dieser Branche. 1990 entwickelte er ein System, das die audiovisuelle Live-Übertragung von Sportereignissen revolutioniert hat. Er ist weltweit bekannt und investiert stets in die Verbesserung seiner Produkte und Entwicklung neuer Lösungen.


"We have been working with GIB Consult for two years on several translation projects. The projects consist in translating several user manuals and technical reference manuals from English into Spanish, German, French and Italian. GIB Consult has delivered very good quality translation services.

The GIB Consult staff committed themselves to:

  • clarify the unclear points and terminology issues
  • strive to provide translators with sufficient technical information and good communication channels to improve the quality of their work
  • collaborate in setting up a structured translation process
  • keep as much as possible the deadlines and ensure prompt reaction to change.

We would definitely recommend GIB Consult's services for all these reasons. "