Translation of a European website into 10 languages

Our customer is a leading international specialist in online recruitment. It enables employers and job seekers to get in touch by means of programs and other Web-based services, making it possible to find, recruit, keep and manage talented people. It has grown considerably in recent years, offering services to new markets. It is now present all over the world, in Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia. As a result, both its technical needs (programs, website etc.) and its linguistic needs vary considerably.


“Our experience of both your translation and multilingual consulting services has been excellent throughout the entire period of the project. Your work reaches a very good level of professional expertise and you observed the agreed deadlines by working closely with the Project team to produce clear and reliable projects plans. We greatly appreciate the willing and helpful attitude of your employees and partners, who meet all our requirements.

“I believe that the speed at which you work and your accessibility are the main advantages of your service, along with your know-how and reliability. By providing a dedicated Team Web Site is definitely an added value improving the communication between ourselves, which enabled us to launch the Web sites with confidence...

“We would gladly use your services in the future and we will not hesitate in recommending them to others.”