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Technology & CAT tools

As a provider of quality translation and localisation services, GIB Consult plays an important role in companies' international development by enabling them to successfully enter new and emerging markets, whilst at the same time controlling their costs and setting up efficient processes for the longer term. To do this, we analyse your requirements and combine leading edge technologies and skilled human resources to supply you with integrated solutions.

The benefits of using CAT tools are multiple:

  • Quality assurance - improved quality and consistency between translations
  • Speed - the existence of the repeated segments reduces translation time
  • Cost efficiency - repeated segments are discounted and the TMs generate reduced costs for future projects
  • Increased productivity

Computer Aided Translation tools play a key role in the translation process:

  • Creation of databases, known as translation memories (TM) which store all the translations produced, in each language combination.
  • Use of these translation memories to process or analyse any new texts that need to be translated.
  • Counting the number of new or repeated words contained in a file. Analysis of this type provides not just information about the translation volume in a project, but it also categorizes words based on their recurrence percentage: repetitions/new words.
  • Creation of databases that contain all the terminology from previous translation projects. Effective terminology management is a key asset in the business world. It enables our customers to guarantee consistency between the various types of translatable content used for internal communication purposes (company departments) and external purposes (target markets); to achieve long term cost savings in their localisation projects and to expand internationally.
  • Helping translators by eliminating repetitive work, automating terminology search tasks and enabling them to reuse previous translations.

Through its partnership with SDL, GIB Consult offers its clients the benefits of services streamlined by best practices utilisation of advanced translation technology. This enables us to help our clients accelerate the delivery of high quality localised content to global markets. SDL is the leader in Global Information Management (GIM) technology solutions.