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Layout Control

Layout control, most commonly known as Desktop publishing (DTP), is the process of using specific softwares to combine text and graphics in order to produce documents such as newsletters, brochures, books, etc. In the translation industry, no need to copy paste all the content to translate into a text document and then back into the source file. When the file is editable, translations are directly performed in the original file format, and a professional DTPer will adjust formatting and layouts to accommodate the translated text of different length compared to the original text. The translation is then thoroughly checked and proofread so that it is ready to publish.

There are many advantages of using our DTP service:

  • Our operators/designers deal with languages they know. This way we avoid the risk of receiving pieces of text incorrectly gathered.
  • Our skilled operators can work with languages using different character sets like Arabic, Greek, Russian, Japanese and Chinese, etc.
  • We are accustomed to the specific problems of multilingual publication, like hyphenation, copy fitting, choice of fonts, and so on.
  • The final documents maintain your house style and appearance, providing you with multilingual versions identical to the source version.
  • Translating in the same file format and avoiding copy/paste task enables to save time and reduces your time to market.