筆写 – 翻訳 – 録音

過去数十年にわたって、 IBM は革新的テクノロジーセクターの先頭に立ってきました。自社またはサードパーティを通じて、自社製品や提供品の販売や販促に関するドキュメントやプレゼンテーション、および、世界中の社員のトレーニングに関するドキュメントやプレゼンテーションを多数制作しています。

GIB Consult が顧客にどんなサービスを提供しているか、その一例として IBM を取り上げてご紹介しましょう。


"We are pleased to work with GIB Consult.We have been well assured that the company provides us genuine quality localisation/translation/voice-over services at a reasonable price.

"We appreciate the fact that your staff always makes efforts to react promptly, which minimizes disruption in our workflow.GIB Consult has also been very prompt in its agreed deliverable time frame for all projects from our end.Thanks for the good work!

"We have been working with GIB Consult for past 3 years on numerous translation projects for major languages.We have been very satisfied with GIB Consult skills, performance, quality of translation, and the price.

GIB Consult provides translation support to our team and meets our deadlines.Their team is very responsive and doing a great job of supporting and answering all the questions from my translation team.

GIB Consult has knowledge on translation standards and tools as they have demonstrated over the years.Their strength is in translation, scalability, translation tools, and support."


"I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent localisation services that GIB Consult has been providing to us continuously in the past one year.Especially, on the most challenge project ever -, which requires intensive time-sensitive response and delivery.Meanwhile, I am also impressed by the professional expertise that GIB Project managers offer throughout entire lifecycle of the project.Let us target together to meet another successful year of the project delivery!"